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How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Claudia Humphrey 13/02/2021

Wedding photographs are tangible mementos of the big day and last for a lifetime. Therefore, selecting a photographer who can take amazing, poignant, and emotional shots is important. Similarly, a video for the wedding day is a worthy investment. It ensures that the big day is captured in glorious technicolor, to enable you to see the moments you were not present for, but which you want to cherish.

Whether you decide to hire one service provider to offer both photography and videography, or have separate providers, you need to consider some factors. The good news is that for high-quality videos and photos of all your special events, you can work with Catherine J Gross Photography.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a wedding photographer and videographer:

Seek Testimonials

consider feedbackYou can ask the videographer or photographer to give you contacts of some couples they have worked with. In this way, you can ask important questions. It is important to know if they got to the wedding on time and were able to handle stressful issues. Also, find out if they could get all the guests in a single group shot, and captured the atmosphere well.

View Samples of Their Work

Since different photographers have different styles, you can request samples of their work, to get an idea of the kind of work. In case they are appealing, you will need the photos to resemble the samples. It is also important to ask for photos of an entire wedding, to ensure that the samples show their overall quality. With a videographer, you can ask for edited and complete samples of more than one video.

Identify Your Style

consider your styleWhen considering the photography styles you prefer, remember that those who are good at taking the natural in the moment pictures, might not be good at the old group photos. Therefore, you can decide on that which is more important to you.The basic videography normally provide a point and shoot service which will document the day. This is the cheapest option that produces a film type that can look unchoreographed.

Consider Your Budget

Photography has a variety of costs, therefore, you can find an option suitable for the given budget. If you consider good wedding pictures to be important, invest well in it. You can also save money on a wedding album. Quality options are expensive. If you are a digital lover, it will be better to select some prints rather than the entire album. The money saved by avoiding a photo album can be used on ensuring you have a good photographer…

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Why Adopt LLC Structure for Your Start-Up

Robert Aldridge 03/02/2021

When starting a business, many decisions have to be made. Among them is deciding on the business structure. The type selected will have tax and legal implications. They include limited liability companies (LLC), S corporations, C Corporations, and sole proprietorships. LLCs are the most popular since they are simpler and more flexible compared to corporations, while they offer similar protections. By starting an LLC, the business becomes a legal entity with separate legal matters and debts from the owner.

Here are some of the reasons why it is advisable to adopt an LLC structure for a business start-up

Limited Liability

In a partnership or sole proprietorship, you and the business are one person legally. This means that the debts of the business are yours legally. And if an employee or a partner is negligent, you might lose personal assets. LLCs are independently responsible for their obligations and debts. Although the money invested in them can be lost, personal assets like a bank account and your home cannot be used to settle business debts.

Tax Advantages 

llc offer tax advantagesThere is no specific federal tax classification for LLCs, and they can adapt the tax status of partnerships, sole proprietors, S corporations, and C corporations. Such business formations can take advantage of pass-through taxation whereby they don’t pay corporate taxes or LLC taxes. Instead, the income and expense of an LLC pass through the personal tax returns of the owner, therefore the owner pays a personal income tax on the profits.

Flexible Profit Distribution

LLCs have greater flexibility when distributing profits to the owners since they are not required to distribute equally or by the ownership percentage. For example, when two people have an equal interest in an LLC, they can agree that one will receive a bigger share of profits since he contributed more labor or money when starting up the business. On the other hand, corporations must distribute profits according to types and number of shares held.

Less Paperwork

Despite corporations offering limited liability, they observe numerous requirements that might not be appropriate to informally run, small businesses. For example, they must hold annual general meetings of the shareholders, pay annual fees and make annual reports. Record-keeping requirements are also substantial. In contrast, LLCs are not legally required to hold annual general meetings and do not have to keep extensive records. In most cases, LLCs don’t have to file the annual reports.


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