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Tips for Enhancing Memory

Robert Aldridge 13/07/2021

Do you sometimes wish that you had a better memory? You are not alone because every person has incidents of forgetfulness from one time to another. This is especially the case when one has a busy life with so much to handle. Although this may be a common thing among humans, poor memory can cause you many frustrations, for example, when you cannot remember where you kept an important thing. Luckily you can check out the best nootropics for memory and get yourself the one that suits you.

Genetics have a part to play in having a poor memory due to such conditions as Alzheimer’s disease. However, some studies show that you can enhance your memory through a proper diet and lifestyle changes.

Here are some tips that can help you to improve your memory:

Consume Foods Rich in Omega 3

eat food rich in omega 3According to many studies, consuming foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, such as fish oil and fish oil supplements, can help improve memory, especially among seniors. The omega 3 fatty acids are crucial because they promote overall health, lower heart disease risks, alleviate stress and anxiety, reduce inflammation, and decelerate mental decline.

Get Adequate Sleep 

get enough sleepFor a long time, lack of enough sleep has been one of the factors associated with poor memory. Sleep has a special role when it comes to memory consolidation, which is a process involving the strengthening of short-term memories to transform them into long-term memories. Getting inadequate sleep or depriving yourself of sleep could negatively affect your memory, according to several memories.

One study on the effect of sleep on memory involved a group of children aged 10 to 14. Some of the children in the study were trained for memory tests late in the day and tested the following morning after a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, the rest of the children in the study were trained and given the test the same day, without sleeping between the training and the test. The children who slept between the training and the test recorded better performance by 20%.

Drink Less Alcohol 

Drinking too much of alcoholic drinks can negatively affect your health in several ways and can negatively affect your memory. It would be best to avoid binge drinking. This way of drinking makes your blood alcohol level go over 0.08 g/ml or above. From several studies, it alters the brain and leads to memory deficits.

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